A story adventure game 

Game Development by "Chimera5":
Cindy To, Wilson Villegas, Nathan Watson, Cody Sivek, and Ava Pek

Introducing our Voice Actors:
Morgan Starr as "Sophie" & James Hayden as "Dad"

Asunder is a story adventure game where you play as Sophie, the daughter of an archaeologist, and the two of you are in search of the ancient civilization, Aegeros. You are guided by the only artifact you have, a hi-tech glove. The two become separated on an expedition after falling into a large crevasse. You wake up separated from your dad but discover the ruins of the civilization he's talked about all your life. As Sophie, you the player must use this glove to interact with the forgotten civilization, and ultimately find your dad. 

PLAY 'Asunder' here at: chimera5.itch.io/asunder

(Headphones highly suggested, also xbox controller compatible)
Gameplay time approx. 30 - 40 minutes

My Contributions:

  • Level / World Design -- design and implemented most levels in the game based on narrative design
  • Content Design / Art -- design and created 3D art assets as well as textures and materials 
  • UI Art -- designed interactable narrative UI for NPC, concept art, and various 2D art content placed in the world
  • Team Co-Lead / Creative Lead

Trailer & Screenshots

Check out the trailer above and screenshots below. And further down I talk about my design and development on this project!

The Design & Development Section for Asunder


Level Design & World Building Work


The City Gates to Temple Level:

Here are a series of screenshot of the game and Unity editor where I designed the level from where Sophie wakes up in the second cave and makes her way to discover the city of Aegeros.

Design Considerations: 

  1. Elevation/height shifts & scale
  2. Circulation, sequence, and framing view corridors
  3. Balancing "built architecture" v. "natural caverns" v. "amount of destruction"
  4. Narrative events, puzzle and NPC encounters, and general story progression 

Marketplace Level and Design:

Goal of this Level: 

To guide the player to the next destination, the arcade, but also convey that the environment was once a busy, active part of the city's past.

Design Considerations: 

  1. Understand general flow and expectation from narrative standpoint
  2. Note important landmarks and identify where to place clutter/buildings
  3. Elevation/height changes for wayfinding, views/vistas, and awe-moments
  4. How all 3 of those inform general circulation and mood of the level 
Team Logo Design 

Team Logo Design