Project Chimera - From concept to early development!

Hey all! My team, Chimera5, is currently developing our game... and that means designing and development is being cranked out on a weekly basis. Busy, busy. But I am trying my best to post all my work as I go. 

As a designer on this team, I've got my foot in all parts of the design from gameplay and puzzles to aesthetics. I've especially got a huge part in the architecture, environment, and level design. First thing, the architecture in our game is best described as a mash of Shinto + Gothic + Sci-fi influences in order to match the themes in our narrative that have to deal with advance technology/development and mysticism. The image below is my concept of the general architectural set pieces to help visually communicate to my team the direction of our buildings. I've included a color palette that address both the caverns (small palette set) and the architecture's (larger palette set).


Anddddddd, check out this slideshow below - Here are my drawings straight from my sketchbook where I'm trying to figure out the general design, architecture, and my strategies for modeling & UV mapping this particular level where you've entered an ancient civilization in the caverns and come across a plaza and temple. Guess my architectural skills come in handy here :) This gallery shows concept to my 3D model to my import into Unity. Still in its early stages of lighting and texturing but wanted to show you guys my process and development! 

(In order of slide progression, I'm figuring out the design of a temple you see once you've entered this old civilization and crossed the gate. I've got floor plan, roof plans, elevations, sections, and one-point perspectives to help me understand the space and scale of everything. Then I modeled my temple in 3Ds Max and dropped it into Unity to see how it felt. Again, this is just early texturing and lighting so this is currently being worked on. I'll definitely update more as we go!)

^-^ Thanks for tuning in! I'm working on whiteboxing the next level as we speak!