Paper Plane Flight Exploration and Discovery

Game Development by "Team Happy Hour":
Cindy To, Wilson Villegas, John Stump

Charlie is my first game project and was a wonderful opportunity to apply architectural and level design towards this game. You can play it here at this link!

You take the uncommon role of a paper airplane exploring everyday objects. Inspired by ‘ToyStory’ and ‘Flower’, the inanimate world becomes animated as these everyday objects become a challenge to a piece of paper. Though flight and whimsical exploration, you venture through the interactive house wondering the origin and purpose of your flight.

My Contributions:

  • Level Design & World Design -- designed architecture of the house and progression through each room/level
  • Storyboard Artist -- wrote story and created storyboards for overall mood, aesthetic, and narrative
  • 3D Artist -- modelled various props and assets for the game
Rough Concept Art of The Living Room

Rough Concept Art of The Living Room

Featured Level: "The Living Room"

      The Living Room level will be the starting point of the game. Objects and orientation of room will be designed in a manner with the flow/flight of the paper airplane in mind. Adding interactive components such as ceiling fans or desk fans to create wind will add to mechanics and challenges of the game.

      Puzzle collection is a second feature of our game. In this level, there is an empty picture frame on one of the walls where the player will notice it through a different color outline. Players would soon discover scattered pieces of the framed photo placed throughout the living room. As they collect piece by the piece, the picture frame fills up and the player discovers a family portrait. The idea behind this is to add secondary narrative elements to the game.



Storyboard & Level Maps

      You begin in the living room, simply flying, but immediately notice a staircase behind the glass door. You figure there must be more beyond the contents of this room. You see a door cracked open and make your way through. The next room appears to be the kitchen forcing you to immediately dodge pots and pans hanging from above. You swiftly bypass the dining room and make note of the chairs pushed around.

      Soon, making way towards the staircase after a sharp turn, you see toys scattered about and wonder if a child lives here. The next room appears to be an office-like space. Aviation trinkets and trophies decorate the room and you wonder what the story is behind the residence. An open air vent catches your eye and you are curious what’s on the other side. And after appearing from the darkness, you discover a messy child’s room. But what catches your eye is all of the crumpled pieces of paper scattered about and half folded airplanes...   


Current gameplay screenshots.

Team Background & Credit:

Game Development by "Team Happy Hour": Cindy To, Wilson Villegas, John Stump

Cindy To | Level Designer, 2D Storyboard Artist, 3D Artist
Website: cindyto.com

Wilson Villegas | Character Designer, Programmer, 3D Artist
Website: wilsonadvance.com

John Stump | 3D Artist, Designer

Background Info:

'Designing Virtual Worlds' Course | The University of Texas at Austin
School of Architecture | Professor John Blood | Spring 2014