"I want to design awesome experiences and make people have 'the feels' when they play video games."

About Me: 

Like most of us, I loved watching and playing video games since I was little. I also loved going outside and trying to be the child of the forest or something crazy like that. I love adventure in my life whether that be exploring a new place, eating new foods, or experiencing new games and scenarios. And making games is a pretty sweet thing to do in life if you ask me. 

My academic background is in architecture at The University of Texas at Austin (LD in RL!) so I naturally gravitate towards level design. I previously worked at Intific, Inc as a level and encounter designer working a first-person shooter project in Unreal Engine 4 for military training.

Now, I'm a level designer at Gunfire Games working on titles such as Darksiders 3 and From Other Suns.


Summary of Qualifications:
• Professional work experience in various level design styles: 3D gray/white boxing, terrain sculpting, modular set design, and 2D paper design
• Designing and scripting missions, combat encounters, level events/NPCs setups, and various systems to support levels
• Proficiency with visual scripting (UE4 Blueprints) and 3D modeling tools
• Academic background in architecture - understand psychology of space, flow, pacing, and vistas/interest points



Unreal Engine 4

Visual Scripting (UE4 blueprints)
3Ds Max (blockouts/modeling)

Storyboarding/Visual Communication


Educational Background - The University of Texas at Austin
•Bachelor of Architecture
•GAMMA Capstone Gaming Program - Game development program at UT Austin


Can provide full resume upon request
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